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Becoming a member

Prices and hours

TAM offers training moments during the whole week for each level of tennis. So, it does not really matter whether you played some tennis before or not, there is always a moment on which you can practice. A year of training at TAM contains three rounds of training. For every round of training you need to sign up again, that you can schedule it such that it does not overlap with your classes. The first round starts at the start of the study year and ends in December. The second round ends at the end of March and the third round ends at the end of June. Your payment for the training will be at the end of each round. For an overview of the prices and moments you can have a look below:

Length of training Cost per round Average length of round Costs per training
1 hour €13,75 12 weeks €1,15
1,5 hours €20,63 12 weeks €1,72

An example: training the whole year 2 times a week, this will cost you (2 hours * 3 rounds * 13,75=) €82,50

Training moments (during the winter):


Being a member of TAM can be very diverse. Only playing tennis, only partying, or combining both of them; everything is possible. Becoming a member starts with filling out the admission form. When being drawn, the activities of TAM start in September for you. There is immediately the possibility to start training or subscribe for the freshmen track. During the freshmen track you get to know the club and your fellow TAMmers. During these nights there is also the possibility to apply for a spot in one of the many committees TAM has. During the year TAM has lots of activities in which you can participate. A couple of examples are the NK-Minitennis, our ball, Wintertournament, our club championships, winter sports and our own open tournament in the summer. Besides that, almost every Tuesday of the year we have our ‘toss’, where you can play some tennis with your fellow TAMmers our grab a beer at ‘t Haarhuisje, our clubhouse. The TAM also offers you the possibility to play league tennis on any level from April until June, and is played in the weekends. On Friday we offer an internal league which is meant for starting tennis players.  All in all, TAM has something to offer for everyone.

The following information is important concerning a membership at TAM:

  • Our yearly fee is €39,- when you are not a member of Albertus
  • Besides that, you need to buy an ACLO-card which costs €59,95 for a year with which you can use a lot of facilities that the ACLO has to offer.

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